Monday, March 2, 2009

My Definition of Worship

I will share what worship means to me, the past 3 years worship has become more and more important to my life. Well bottom line worshiping is your life. We were made to worship God, if not in songs but in everyday decisions. If you don't worship God then you will end up putting something before him. I love the way Louie Gigglio''s book "The Air I Breath" put what worship is..."worship is what we value most in our lives." I choose to value Jesus, the true giver of life.

"Praise and worship to me is just an intimate love affair with Jesus. The songs in themselves are useless unless they have Jesus's love and spirit moving through them to your very own heart. The heart to me is the center of worship, it is where we have the choice to give our hearts fully surrendered to Jesus. When you surrender your heart fully he invades with love each time you worship. This invasion of love transforms and mends your heart. You are made more like Jesus the more you worship with all your heart; your heart is literally taking his own shape. Worship is not to us but all to Jesus. We worship Jesus for all he has done, what he is doing, what he will do. When we worship solely him he opens floodgates of love from heaven and pours it all into us. Worship is surrendering your heart and giving it all to the greatest love affair in life."

This is what worship has become to intimate one on one love affair with the one who showed the greatest love in history. He is the greatest love because he poured out all his blood for us as a ransom for us to live whole and new lives. His name is Jesus and he longs for your worship as father longs for child's admiration.

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Phil Dyer said...

Its no wonder that Jesus uses marraige as the metaphor for the relationship between Himself and the church. It is an intimate and holy union between us and the God of the universe.